ACADEMONS – Game of School Production Presentation Project


An app game where you take care of small monsters, each of a different class. Each level has different classes of academons. The goal is to raise the academons which will regurgitate credits. Once the minimum amount of credits is reached, you win the game.

21st Century Skills Demonstrated

Learning and Innovation Skills
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
    • Game Ideas:
        1. Linear storyline
          1. roleplay
        2. Collect credits
          1. fight monsters
          2. like Pokemon
        3. Adventure
          1. teachers = bosses
          2. class = level
            1. 6 levels per day
          3. grade = stage
        4. Puzzle
          1. draw certain amount of lines that bring character to all the credits they need to collect
          2. concept of “flow”
        5. Card game
          1. collect all the credits
          2. concept of “old maid” and “go fish”
            1. asking for cards – trying to collect certain sets
        6. Adventure
          1. go against other students
          2. amount of credits = “level” of character
          3. battle other students for best homework/test grade
            1. trivia
          4. weapons = school supplies
        7. Escape
          1. chased by dogs
            1. don’t let them eat your homework
        8. Candyland
          1. chance game
          2. roll a dice to move forward
          3. land on certain tiles to gain credits
        9. Pac man
          1. collect hw, projects, tests (white dots)
          2. evade teachers (ghosts)
        10. Blockus
          1. fit together classes to block out procrastination and other distractions
            1. amount of credits = number of tiles in piece
        11. class monsters
          1. app
          2. collect different monsters (adorable) which, after feeding them and caring for them, give you:
            1. homework, projects, papers, tests
              1. trade in for credits
        12. class wars
          1. fight against different subject classes for credits
          2. homework finished = higher levels
Information, Media and Technology Skills
  • ICT Literacy
    • based off of Neko Atsume and Pokemon – collectibles
      • used google images for references on what player interface looked like in these two games
      • analyzed what made each enjoyable
        • incorperated aesthetics idea of Neko Atsume – collect and hold in room
        • incorperated care idea of Pokemon – level up
        • incorperated cute animal factor from both games – want academons to be fun to collect
Life and Career Skills
  • Productivity & Accountability
    • Daily goals and planning
      • what I need in order to present my game idea effectively
      • what needs to be done and by when

The Game


The Real Thing:

Reactions to the Final Version

I felt like I spoke slower (which could also be attributed to how tired I was).

Evaluation of the Final Version

Even though I practiced at home, it was still good to practice in front of a full audience. Even though I was presenting the same material in front of the same group, I felt that I did change my presentation slightly because I knew that my audience had heard my presentation before.

What I Learned and Problems I Solved

I learned how important your voice is in presenting. For future purposes, I will practice in front of “bigger” audiences and record myself so I can evaluate my presentation in order to make it better.

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