4.C.2.B: Contemporary Game Assignment

Minotaur Labyrinth

Discuss how the initial cut scene sets the stage for gameplay. What kind of mood does the story create? Based on the story, what do you expect from game play? What type of environment do you anticipate? What kind of challenges.
The initial cut scene for the game sets the game in a labyrinth shows a room where a man is describing the origin of the maze and what it leads to, Tartarus. This sets the mood of a great adventure and perilous task that the character has to embark on while avoiding the monster of the maze, the Minotaur. Based on this initial story, I expect the game play to have a sense of survival and adventure. I also expect the dynamics to be based on the arrow keys and possibly the mouse for other actions. The anticipated environment appears to be in a dark maze, creating a creepy setting based on the knowledge that a monster also lives in the labyrinth. I anticipate the main challenge to be either avoiding the Minotaur or fighting it while possible fighting other oppositions in the game. I also suspect that another main challenge will be navigating through the maze to reach the goal that was set before.
Now play the game: Minotaur Labyrinth. Explain how the game fits in with your expectations based on the initial back story created via the cut scene. How would you have done the intro scene differently?
The game fits in with my expectations based on the fact that the game play is based on survival and adventure. The player’s goal is to collect the coins that lie around the maze. There are seven coins in all. During this, they must also survive the trap falls and ceiling rigs that will crush the character, resetting the game to the last doorway the player went through. the back story also proved my suspicions right that the setting had a creepy element to it based on the lighting. Overall, the game was what I expected based on the cut scene. If I were to change the intro scene, I’d give more information on the challenges that the player will face and that they have to collect coins. I liked the idea of having a person exlplaining why the maze was built but I would include more about the overall goal of the player. Is there a final boss the player must fight? Or is the purpose to collect all the coins? I think this should be made a bit more clear.

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